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Garage Door Spring Replacement Service in Yuma, AZ

At Affordable Garage Doors And Repair, we pride ourselves in delivering quality work and being a local business in South Arizona, serving Yuma for over 30 years. Repairing a garage door can be a dangerous project if you are inexperienced. There are extremely powerful springs that counterbalance the garage door’s weight and are connected through a torsion bar to cables, so when these cables come loose, the person repairing the issue places themselves in a dangerous situation. Most garage door repairs should be performed by one of our certified experts at Affordable Garage Doors And Repair. We encourage customers to contact us once a torsion or extension spring requires replacement. Our garage door repair technicians are specifically trained for the job, have the right equipment, and know the proper protocols and procedures to replace all springs.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Yuma Arizona

Garage Door Spring Replacement Yuma Arizona


If you are in need of having your residential or commercial garage door spring replaced with either torsion or extension springs, call the experts at Affordable Garage Doors And Repair. We will come to your home or place of business and perform a complete 24-point security test and full inspection of your garage door. We will fully asses the garage door panels, springs, sensors, safety release, hardware, track, etc. Your security is our top priority, so please note that handling garage door springs, cables, and hardware under intense pressure conditions could cause serious injury or damage. Our fully certified and trained garage technicians will be more than happy to serve any home or business in Yuma; all you have to do is call us today to schedule your FREE Estimate or fill out our fast and simple Appointment Form below.