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Garage Door Sensor Replacement Service in Yuma, AZ

Imagine this scenario: You are having a great morning. You’re awake on time, ate a good breakfast, and wore a nice new outfit. You head to your garage and get in your car, only to find that nothing happens when you press the button on your keyless entry remote. The garage door just won’t open no matter how many times you press the button. Then it dawns on you that your door’s sensors aren’t working. Garage door sensors are crucial to modern garage doors because they can tell when something is obstructing the door, sending a signal to the opener system that allows the door to open and shut. This small piece of equipment has saved many people from injury and damage to cars and property.


Garage door sensors work by way of “eyes” that emit a beam of infrared light. Garages have two sensors, one on either side of the door. Both of them need to be working for the garage door to work safely. This means that their infrared beams have to be lined up. Call a service company to check if one or both of the sensors aren’t working.